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TitelAdmas, Douglas: The HItch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
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The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Admas

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Douglas Noel Adams was born on March 11, 1952 in Cambridge. The moment he thought seriously about writing for the first time was at the age of ten, when he got "ten out of ten" for a composition. By his essay on the revival of religious poetry he won himself an exhibition to study English at Cambridge. In summer 1974 Douglas left Cambridge and had finally decided to become a writer. Douglas married Jane Belson on November 1991 and they have a daughter named Polly Jane. He died on May 11 2001 because of a heart attack.

On February 4 1977 he met Simon Brett, who then was doing Radio 4’s ‘The Burkiss Way’. They agreed to produce a science fiction comedy show on radio. This was the birth of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy.


One day Arthur Dents house should be knocked down, because of a new bypass that is supposed to be build. He trys to prevent it, but then his close friend Ford Prefect come and tell him to go with him to a bar, because it will happen something more important then the things which going on there with his house. Ford explains Arthur that they have to flee from earth because it will be demolished (an hyperspatial express route is going to be build there..). A couple of yellow star ships (Vogon-ships) come and destroy the planet, but Arthur and Ford manage to beam up to one ship. The Vogons hate hitch hikers and so they told Arthur and Ford that they will throw them off the ship when they find them. After a time, the captain comes into the room. First he read one of his poems to Arthur and Ford, then he decides to throw them out into space. The hitch hikers guide (The Hitch Hicker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the most remarkable book and also a highly succesful one) gives the advise, that if you take a lung full of air, you can survive for about thirty seconds in the total vacuum of space, and so they do. Twenty-nine seconds later they are picked up by another star ship, called “The Heart of Gold”. The captain is Zaphod Beeblebrox. He has only become president to steal this ship. He needs it to find the legendary planet Magrathea, but he doesn’t know why he has to find it: he deactivated the parts of his brains where this information was saved (because otherwise he couldn’t become president). Magrathea is a planet, that disappeared five million years ago: first the people all were very rich. Those who were special rich could afford the special service of Magrathea: they offered to build individual planets. So Magrathea soon became the richest planet, and the rest of the galaxy became very poor, and so the Empire collapsed. The Magratheans made themselves “sleep”, and programmed a computer to revive them when the economy is rebuilt enough that anyone can afford their very expensive service again. So everybody thinks that it is died out, or doesn’t believe that it has existed.
One night, they find it in the centre of the Horsehead Nebula. They hear a message that the planet is now out of order, and they are asked to leave the it. Trillian (a friend of Zaphod) and Ford want to turn back, but Zaphod says that it is only a recorded message, and so they fly on. After another message, two missiles are sent out and move towards the ship. Zaphod and Ford get panicking, and try to control the ship complete manually, although none of them know how to fly it. Then Arthur has the idea to turn on the Improbability Drive, and so the one of the missiles turn into a whale, and the other into a bowl of petunia. They step out of the ship, and go to the crater, the whale left. They find a underground passage. Ford has to stay outside to guide the entrance and the others went down. After a while, they come to a small chamber. Suddenly gas appears, and they fall asleep. In the meantime, Arthur meets an old man (Slartibartfast), who takes him with his aircar, a sort of hovercraft, down to the centre of the planet. Then they get to the factory floor, where the planets are built. In this room is a exact copy of the earth. Then Slartibartfast tells Arthur the whole story:
There was a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings who always asked themselves what’s the meaning of life is. So they built up a super computer, called “Deep Thought”. When it was finished, they ask it for the answer of life, the universe and everything. The computer said that there is a simple answer, but he has to think about it seven and a half million years. After that time, Deep Thought told that the answer is forty-two. It said, that it thinks the problem is that they have never known what the question so they can’t understand the answer. He wasn’t able to tell them the ultimate question, but he designed a better computer, that can tell: the earth. And the hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings would take new forms and be part of the computer to navigate the program: they would be mice. But then the Vogons came and demolished the planet, five minutes before the program has finished.
Slartibartfast takes Arthur to a room where he meets the others again. There are also two mice. They say it wouldn’t be necessary to finish the new earth, because now they have a native of the planet, who was there seconds before it was destroyed. They want to buy Arthur’s brain, but Arthur of course doesn’t like the idea. So they try to get it violently. But Arthur, Ford, Zaphod manage to flee. So the mice try to fake a question (because they only want the fame and the money). They think of things like “What is yellow and dangerous?”, but that doesn’t fit the answer, or “What do you get if you multiply six by seven?”, but that’s too literal and factual. In the end they chose “How many roads must a man walk down?”.

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