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TitelA normal day at an American High School 
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A normal day at an American High School

Well my topic is : A normal day at an American High School

The first I want to tell you is about Standard and differents:

One often heard prejudice is, that the American High Schools have a very low standard. In germany the prejudice is popular too. We can say that´s right, because in America you can find many High Schools with a low standard, but also you can find schools with a very high standard, higher than the most Schools in germany. In comparison to the differents of schools in germany, the differents from school to school in America are much greater. One of the main reasons is, that the School leaders in America don´t often have conferences to coordinate the school system in the federal states, therefore the directors can mostly make what they want. An other reason is, that the schools in America use multiple choice tests (that are tests with already given alternate answers in which you have to mark the right ones) these tests were standardlly used in America and they are much easier than normal tests in germany. In the school, teachers speak most of the time and you just have to listen. The spoken part of the lessons don´t have any influence to your notes.

School bus:

In America all schools have school busses, they take every pupil in a normal distance to school. The Americans need school busses, because in all small cities are only a few bus lines and railways. Therefore in America every family have two or more cars and they allways use them. Especially the 16 or 17 years old pupils want to buy their own cars, nobody likes to drive with the school bus.


One method is often used in America, every day starts at 8 o´clock am. Then everybody has 6, 7 or 8 lessons over the day and one lounchtime for about 1 hour, at 11 o´clock. Between the lessons you have little breaks about 5 minutes to change the classroom, because all the teachers have their own classrooms and the pupils have to come to them. Sometimes you really have to hurry up because in the USA the buildings have only one stage, it´s cheaper this way and they have enough land. The school ends at 3 o´clock pm. Every day the Americans have the same lessons in the same order, this is unusual for us. There is a big variety in grades, so you can often choose between a 100 or more different courses. The normal courses are English, Mathematics or World history but sometimes you can choose between 12 or more different mathematic courses with differents in the levels and in the stuff you will learn. Also you can choose courses like Jazzband, Drama, Jornalism, Dance Choreography, Child-Development, Psychology, Typing, Drivers Education, Life Skills, this grade variety is possibly because the schools in America often have more than 1000 pupils.

Clubs and physical education:

After school most of the pupils don´t leave school. Because on every High School pupils have the chance to go in a club like a latin club, an art club or a chess club for example. But also,

if you have a good idea or some special interests you can found your own club with your friends. Every club must have a teacher but only as a superintendent.

The physical education is very important for the Americans. Every High School have their own Football, Basketball or Baseball team for example. This teams are normally very good, only the bests can be in the team. The members train every day after school and there are regulary matches with other schools which are very important for the image of the whole school.

Yes you all know at the end of this year I am going to see all this by myself and I hope it will be an interesting time.

Thanks you for your attention.

A normal day at an American High School


Monday till Friday (Lunch 11.20 – 12.00; 2.40 Clubs and Sports)

8.20– 9.30

9.35– 10.25



12.55- 1.45

1.50- 2.40
Latin II
Typing I

Arbeiten = tests
Aufsichtsperson = superintendent

besonders = especially

Fächer = grades

gründen = found

gutes Benehmen = life skills

Kinderziehung = child-development
Leiter = leader

Niveau = level, standard

Stockwerk = stage

Vergleich = comparison

Vorurteil = prejudice

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